Synergeering Group LLC

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Our specialty is in FULLY-FUNCTIONING RapidNylon prototype parts! With the latest technology in Laser Sintering, our prototype parts have the highest level of accuracy and durability in the industry! Able to produce parts that are insoluble to chemicals, oils, fuels etc., parts are delivered ready to be tested! Also parts are able to withstand high heat temperatures up to 140 degrees C! RapidNylon parts are ENGINE READY, for all testing needs! Our two state of the art LS machines are also capable of producing the LARGEST RP parts in the WORLD! With a build chamber of 28"x15"x24" parts are easily produced in one piece, or built in multiple sections and bonded together while still maintaining strength! Call or Email us today for an instant Quote!
Synergeerings laser sintering and proprietary post-processing techniques enables the manufacturing of unrivalled functional plastic prototype parts from nylon-12 and glass filled nylon-12. These parts are high strength, pressure proof, petroleum insoluble, heat resistant and extremely accurate, assuring fit and functionality. Their machines have the largest capacity in North America, with the ability to create single portion parts as large as 28? x 15? x 23?.

The surface smoothness, seam quality, and end-to-end tolerance have consistently exceeded their customers expectations. Synergeerings ongoing dedication to research and development, as well as its experience producing hundreds of functional components has provided exceptional reliability and value to the customer.